Article I - General Provisions

1.01  NAME

The name of this organization shall be known as: Sisterhood Softball League



The objectives of this league shall be:

Promoting the best interests of Muslim Women in the Greater Toronto Area to Live, Play and Connect. To foster, develop and encourage an interest in sports and recreation, in particular, softball

within the Muslim Women community to:

·         Endorse a healthy active lifestyle

·         Foster Goodwill and the spirit of true sportsmanship/sisterhood

·         Develop self-discipline, responsibility and leadership

·         Provide a non-judgmental environment which empowers Muslim women to excel in their personal development

·         Organize softball games, tournaments and social events to facilitate an enjoyable platform for players where they can develop strong relationships within the community

·         Provide appropriate tools so that every player will want to return, year over year



The voting members of this league shall elect an executive board, composed of the CHAIR, VICE CHAIR, SECRETARY, TREASURER, ASSISTANT TREASURER, LEAGUE COMMISSIONER, and MARKETING DIRECTOR, who shall serve for a period of three (3) years.

  1. Chair:  The chairperson of the board shall oversee all meetings. She will also be responsible for curating the agenda items for each meeting and sending out the agenda prior to the meeting. The chairperson will allocate action items and ensure that all board decisions are effectively implemented. During a board vote, the chair shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie. The chairperson shall appoint, at the beginning of each season, subject to the approval of the board, the standing committee’s and/or the committee chairperson and other members at large as needed.
  2. Co-Chair: The co-chair will be responsible for assisting the chair with all organizational operations of the board. The chairperson can rely on their co-chair to ensure smooth functioning of the organization, and  in the absence of the Chair, the Co-chair shall preside at meetings of the board, and is a voting member of all committees.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings and provide minutes of the meetings to the board for record keeping and review. The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation of the annual report.
  4. Treasurer: Shall maintain complete records of all financial matters of the league. Shall provide a written report including all expenses and receipts to be read at each regularly scheduled meeting to date. All accounts will be paid by check and/or EMT and shall bear two (2) signatures as authorized the board on the approval of payment document.  Assure that the organization is in good standing.
  5. Assistant Treasurer: Assist with the duties of the Treasurer and prepare to assume the Treasurer position upon an opening.
  6. League Commissioner: Shall be the advisor to the board on all SSL rules, shall advise the board of any new changes that occur on an annual basis and seek a vote for implementation. Will be the final local authority on rule interpretation, shall appoint umpires for league games, chair all protests that are presented to the board and be the official spokesperson for the league in all protests. Responsible for purchasing and organizing products for the SSL league after board approval. This includes inventory of products and purchases. It will be the responsibility of the “Commissioner” to make weekly deposits or withdrawals for any league related activities/expenses for the season.
  7. Marketing Director: Shall be the advisor to the board for publicity, social media presence, sponsor solicitation and pursue other league duties relative to publicity as needed.


A. To initiate, determine, or repeal legislation, policy or activity of or pertaining to the league.

B. To select officers of the league to insure the operation of the league.

C. To appoint committees for any designated purpose.

D. To develop and adopt an annual budget for the next fiscal year and the levying of fees for each player and sponsors, with bids required for all purchases.

E.  Provide proper insurance for players, coaches and umpires and league officers.

F.  Set up sign‐up and try‐out dates.

G. Approve all league schedules, set all game and tournament dates.

H. Approve all league contracts with schools, city, county districts or vendors or fundraising groups.

I.   Set uniform standards for all players.

J.  The board has the power to suspend or disqualify and ban players, coaches, managers, team  personnel and family members.

K. Approve all league ground rules.

L.  To make available Charitable fund to be distributed to qualified/approved charities and approved as determined by the current board.

M. Organize and Plan annual End of Season event.



All board members will hold office for a minimum of three (3) years and can be re‐elected. All office holders may be removed for just cause as submitted in writing and/or petitioned by a league member or member of the board with a two thirds vote of the board, minus the member filing the complaint. Elections are to be held during at the Annual Meeting with the outgoing officers handing over files, records, and any equipment (keys, computers, checkbooks, etc.) to incoming officers within 30 days.



If a vacancy occurs on the board, such position must be filled within 15 days. If an appointed position becomes vacant, the president must fill the vacancy within 30 days. The new appointees will fill out the term of office vacated only.



The league will hold Bi-Weekly meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President or by a two thirds majority of the voting members with a two day notice. Special meetings may only be called for a specific topic only. The topic must be made known to each voting member prior to the meeting.



  1. Roll
  2. Agenda Items  
  3. Treasurer's report
  4. New Business
  5. Old business – action item list
  6. Announcements
  7. Round table and adjournment



  1. The executive board shall hold an annual general meeting (AGM) with the executive board members and the general public. The meeting is to be held within 30 days of the completion of the recreational season. The board shall post notice of this event on the website of the season giving date, time, place, and purpose.
  2. The order of business at the AGM shall be as follows:
  • Call to order of the open board meeting
  • Roll call
  • Introduction of guests
  • Reports a. President b. Vice President c. Treasurer d. Secretary e. League Commissioner
  • Unfinished business (action items)
  • Proposals for changes to the bylaws and/or general procedures and specific rules.
  • New business
  • Good of the game
  • Adjournment



At all meetings of the board, seventy five  (75%) of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business.



This league (SSL) shall not assume, nor be liable for the debts and/or the financial responsibilities either implied or incurred of any player, captains, co-captains, team assistant, league official or umpire, member team or sponsor.



All officers of this league and officials of member teams shall be covered against personal liability claims for performing acts and duties directly related to the work of this league.



In the event that this league (SSL) should be dissolved. All assets remaining after payment all debts shall be turned over to the board and donated.



The league territory shall include all cities and towns located within the boundaries of the Greater Toronto Area.


Article II Membership


SSL will consist of players from 18 years of age and older.



All personnel listed on the roster including coaches, managers, scorekeeper and team players are the only person allowed in the dugout/bench area. Players must be in uniform to be in the designated area. If not, they must take a position as a spectator. These conditions are necessary because of insurance regulations.


2.02 FEES

Annual fees for players are due and payable, unless otherwise provided for by the board, at the time of sign‐ups but no later than the deadline outlined by the board. All payment will be in form of eTransfer to the Sisterhood account submitted



There will be no alcoholic beverage on or near the playing fields. This includes all of the area surrounding the fields for games and practices. Any person having alcoholic beverages will leave immediately. There will be no tobacco in the dugout or the playing field. If noted, umpires and/or league officials will take the necessary steps to correct the situation



Umpires shall be licensed.


Article III Disqualification



Any player, captain, co-captain, umpire, sponsor, family  or anyone connected with a softball team registered with the league shall be subject to suspension as described below:

  1. Physically or verbally (swearing in any language) or assaulting an umpire or an official of the league and/or player and/or persons involved with play;
  2. For the deliberate violation of any rules of the league;
  3. Fraud and/or slander against the league
  4. Financial irresponsibility against the league:
    • Equipment
    • Uniforms
    • Fundraising



  1. Captains and/or managers and players ejected more than one time during league games.
  2. Right of appeal – individual has the right of appeal play suspensions.
  3. Players – as per 3.0



Until reinstated by the board for violations of section 3.00


Article IV Suspension Procedures



     Upon presentation from a league official to the board of a violation of Sec. 3.00, a hearing must be heard by two thirds of the board.



The person must be notified within 5 days in advance in writing or verbally from the board of the hearing with the time, date, and place of such hearing.



After hearing the evidence, the board with the aid of the bylaws and operating procedures of SSL rules and regulations, will make the decision based upon rule interpretation.



Anyone suspended by SSL for a playing violation may appeal the decision within 14 days to the League Commissioner.



Article V Board of Directors for Sisterhood Softball League
  • Chair & Commissioner - Maryam Dadabhoy
  • Director of Finance - Mahma Hoda
  • Director of Strategy - Maleeha Nasri
  • Director of Communications - Maria Hasan
  • Director of Administration -  Saleha Ahmed
  • Director of Operations - Sumayyah Mahmood